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In addition to benchmarking, which is essential to your business sector's knowledge, we work closely with your front-office teams to establish diagnoses based on the problems identified. Managerial, structural, merchandising, lack of training, and so on. .... .

We act on different arcanas:

  •     Overall performance of the entity (Marketing, merchandising, implementation, accountability, ....).

  •     Individual commercial performance (Competency report, balance sheet, ...).

  •     Managerial structure (Definition of positions, development of skills, ...).

  •     Security and legislation according to the activities and collective agreements concerned.

  •     Human Resources as a recruitment support. Sourcing, professional assessments, ....

The duration of the audit varies according to the needs and criteria that will have been defined together. The report, accompanied by the
suggestions, is submitted quickly. We are committed to meeting the shortest deadlines.

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