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Professional Trainer (M/F) for Adults.

Duration :

695 hours

Prerequisites :

Expertise in a specific domain

For whom :

Anyone wishing to professionalize in the field. Anyone wishing to create their own Training Organization (OF).

Given at the end of the training :

Professional Certificate (Bachelor's Degree level).

Net price - Individual / Inter-company :

from 8000 €

The premises chosen by Humanissue Consulting are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

The locations are determined by the co-contractors. For individuals with disabilities not related to mobility, we recommend the training organization CCI Formation, which collaborates with HandisupAuvergne:

VAT not applicable, Article 293B of the French General Tax Code

Pedagogical Manager :



Pedagogical objectives

• Become a trainer for adults in your field of expertise.

• Create and organize your independent training organization.

• Transform empirical skills into structured and methodical knowledge.

• Succeed in a career change or professional development.

Program update

15 janvier 2024

Training program

• Develop the pedagogical progression of a training action based on a request.

• Design the pedagogical scenario of a training sequence incorporating different pedagogical modalities.

• Lead a collective training session in face-to-face or distance learning.

• Evaluate the learners' achievements.

• Align professional actions within the regulatory framework and in a context of social, environmental, and professional responsibility.

• Maintain expertise and performance levels as a trainer and professional in the field.

• Design the engineering and tools for individualizing learning paths using digital technologies.

• Train and support learners in individualized learning journeys.

• Address individual learning difficulties.

• Support learners in consolidating their professional projects.

• Analyze professional practices.


• Formalize the administrative processes of a Training Organization.

• Prepare for Qualiopi certification.

• Manage the Training Organization's activities.

• Respond to calls for proposals.

• Blended-learning training (Online & Face-to-Face).

• Post-training individualized follow-up.

• Essential GDPR component.

Access time and conditions

Sessions open with a minimum of 4 trainees. A maximum of 3 months delay between the request and the execution of the service, provided the opening conditions are met.

Given to the trainees
  • Welcome booklet.
  • Internal regulations.
  • Practical sheets.
  • Course materials.
  • LMS platform link.
Pedagogical methods
Evaluation methods

• Pre-tests.

  • • Practical exercises.

• Final exam. (Professional portfolio and presentation)

Contact us

Executive Assistant :

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 Tél.: 07 80 91 12 21

Maëva JAY

  • In-person and distance courses
  • Synchronous and asynchronous courses
  • Video material
  • Computers
  • Systemic approach
  • Flipped classroom
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