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Empower and nurture the growth of your team.

Duration :

2 days

Prerequisites :


For whom :

Anyone who leads a team.

Given at the end of the training :

Training Certificate

Net price - Individual / Inter-company :

1200 €

The premises chosen by Humanissue Consulting are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

The locations are determined by the co-contractors. For individuals with disabilities not related to mobility, we recommend the training organization CCI Formation, which collaborates with HandisupAuvergne:

VAT not applicable, Article 293B of the French General Tax Code

Pedagogical Manager :



Pedagogical objectives
  • Understand why management is changing and must change. 
  • Know the expectations and role of the manager. 
  • Mobilize the team in the service of the company's performance. 
  • Understand the personalities of my team using the "Process Communication Model." 
  • Master the post-it technique to define direction. 
  • Gain commitment from my team by conducting a briefing. 
  • Enhance the skills of my team by learning to debrief. 
  • Develop the autonomy and performance of my team by mastering feedback.
Program update

18 décembre 2023

Training program


  • Understand the challenge of management in a Phygital world
  • Understand the mechanisms of PRS for application in management
  • Me as a trainee: What kind of manager am I, and what kind do I want to be? What are my resources and motivations?
  • Understand communication styles (introduction to the Process Communication Model)
  • Lead a team project
  • Practice the technique of using post-its in the service of writing the team project


  • Practice questioning techniques
  • Interpret non-verbal communication
  • Learn the art of silence
  • Respond to the need for recognition
  • Positive management through feedback practice
  • Balancing control and letting go with briefings and debriefings

Conclusion and commitments

Access time and conditions

Sessions open with a minimum of 4 trainees. A maximum of 3 months delay between the request and the execution of the service, provided the opening conditions are met.

Given to the trainees
  • Welcome booklet.
  • Internal regulations.
  • Practical sheets.
  • LMS platform link.
Pedagogical methods
Evaluation methods
  • Role-playing scenarios.
  • Self-assessment + feedback during role-playing games. 
  • Training evaluation forms.
Contact us

Executive Assistant :

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 Tél.: 07 80 91 12 21

Maëva JAY

Pedagogical mix based on participatory learning, with 80% practical / 20% theoretical for lasting knowledge:

  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Group reflection activities (mutual exchange), sketches, educational games, video
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