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Humanissue Consulting is a firm specialized in assisting retail businesses. We are with you at every stage of your store's lifecycle, and for your B to C brand ventures. Our experts span fields such as Luxury, Real Estate, Decor, Automotive, Hospitality, Dining, Art, and Fashion & Accessories. We step in from the strategy definition phase (covering sales, marketing, HR, and more) to the implementation of actions and their subsequent follow-up.

As for our training programs, they encompass cross-functional skills essential for a vast array of professions and industry sectors (Agri-food, Aerospace, IT, R&D, and more). These courses are led by industry experts and partner consultants whose expertise we certify.


The Humanissue journey officially began in 2016 and is deeply rooted in the professional trajectory of Sébastien Genty, its founder. After serving prestigious luxury houses, including Breguet, Hublot, and Chopard, a pivotal realization dawned on him, not without having gained and demonstrated his expertise in management, marketing, sales, and human resources. Convinced that the traditional managerial model no longer prioritized the individual, he decided to leave this system and establish his own firm. His vision? To bring the human element back to the core of businesses. With Humanissue Consulting, he delivers this human-centric approach, providing tailored support to retailers and various HR stakeholders.

Since setting up in Clermont-Ferrand in 2016, the company has expanded its operations across mainland France and its overseas territories.

We now operate with a second motto: Have fun in everything we do! Our graphic charter is evolving, and so is our website; this is the 2023-2024 version.

Words from the founder

Sébastien GENTY Humanissue Consulting

"I deeply believe that training centers must uphold humanistic values, and for me, this has been a driving principle for many years. One cannot prioritize the ego of a course instructor over a learner whose need for skill acquisition can profoundly change their life and their perception of their professional and personal environment. We have a potentially significant impact. It's one thing to think about the productivity of a client's company, but it's primarily about contributing, however modestly, to making the world a better place, facilitating access to education, employability, the sustainability of jobs, and our businesses. These are the values that we stand for at Humanissue, and on which our team will never compromise. I believe this is also what our clients come looking for."

Sébastien GENTY

Key Numbers


Trainees trained in 2023

Expert trainers in Luxury, Retail, and Hospitality


+ of

13 400

Kilometers traveled in 2023

Average satisfaction rate of our training programs.

96 %


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Founder - Consultant

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Senior consultant

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Senior consultant

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Administrative assistant


Executive Assistant


Executive Assistant

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