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Challenges of IT recruitment in Retail: A horizon of opportunities

On March 28, 2024, during a webinar organized by Humanissue Consulting, titled "Challenges of IT Recruitment in Retail: Turning Adversity into Opportunities," we delved into the complexities and unique perspectives of IT recruitment in the Retail sector. Hosted by myself, Sébastien GENTY, and Quentin, our IT recruitment expert, this exchange provided valuable insights into current trends, innovative recruitment strategies, and best practices for attracting and retaining IT talents.

Technology in retail

The Retail industry is at the forefront of technological trends such as data analysis (big data) and artificial intelligence (AI), reshaping recruitment strategies. These technologies are not just buzzwords anymore; they are now essential for effectively targeting candidates. For example, 20% of IT companies in France use AI for recruitment. Process automation via RPA and innovations in e-commerce and digital marketing are also prominent, demanding advanced IT skills for a personalized and secure customer experience.

The challenge of omnichannel and phygital pushes companies to seek skills in multi-platform application development and API integration, crucial for delivering a seamless customer experience and analyzing real-time data. These skills are key to remaining competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

Innovative recruitment strategies: Let the numbers speak

With a turnover of approximately 40% in Retail and an estimated cost of around €30,000 for each failed IT recruitment, recruitment strategies need to be rethought. Internal sponsorship, hackathons, and active presence on social networks, notably LinkedIn where 83% of recruiters find qualified candidates, are proven approaches.

The use of data and AI also disrupts traditional methods, with predictive talent analysis and automated selection optimizing recruitment efficiency. These tools not only enable precise assessment of technical skills but also significantly improve recruitment processes.

Onboarding: A key retention factor

The onboarding phase is crucial for retaining IT talents. A good starting experience can increase the likelihood of retaining an employee for three years or more by 60%, according to CareerBuilder. Comprehensive talent development programs, as highlighted by Harvard Business Review, can even double total returns on equity.

Offboarding: A pillar of HR strategy for visionary companies

Offboarding, often overlooked in human resources strategies, is actually as crucial a process as onboarding. While onboarding marks the beginning of an employee's journey within the company, offboarding represents the conclusion of this journey, a final step that deserves special attention. It is an opportunity for professional separation with respect and excellence, which can significantly influence employer brand perception and operational continuity. We will soon elaborate on this topic in an upcoming article.

Cultivating an inclusive corporate culture

Corporate culture plays a central role in attracting IT talents. Diversity and inclusion initiatives can generate up to 30% additional revenue, according to Deloitte. Work flexibility, valued by IT professionals, has become a deciding factor, with increasing demands for hybrid and flexible working conditions.

In conclusion

As the Retail IT sector faces an increasingly competitive market, adopting innovative recruitment and onboarding strategies is essential. The digital transformation of Retail offers fertile ground for unprecedented opportunities. By promoting a dynamic corporate culture and embracing cutting-edge technologies, companies can not only address these challenges but also turn adversity into opportunities, thus attracting the best IT talents.

Drafted by: Sébastien GENTY

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