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Salary Transparency in Job Listings: A Growing Demand.

Job listings play a pivotal role in the recruitment process, and every detail they include must be thoughtfully considered. A topic increasingly up for debate is the communication of salary: should it be explicitly mentioned right from the outset of the recruitment process or not? Salary, being a critical criterion for potential collaborators, remains a decisive factor when choosing a company.

Salary: A Key Factor for Applicants: If post-pandemic the motto for employees was to seek more flexibility, a balance between their professional and personal lives, and a sense of purpose in their work, salary still stands as a paramount concern. A survey by Robert Half titled "What Candidates Want" reveals that 67% of respondents see compensation as the number one criterion for choosing one company over another.

The Impact of Inflation on Salary Expectations: In economic periods of inflation, pressure on salaries escalates. According to the same survey, 57% of participants say they have become more demanding regarding salary. This trend underscores the growing importance attached to compensation during the recruitment process.

Salary transparency has increasingly become a louder demand. Even though discussing salary can still be viewed as a delicate topic in Western culture for many, the need for transparency is heightening both for candidates and companies looking to recruit.

But what is the importance of stating the salary in job listings? 46% of respondents claim they wouldn't apply for a job if the salary isn't specified. Therefore, salary transparency has emerged as a common demand across all generations, regardless of gender. Pay equality has become a pivotal topic, and clear communication of the salary right from the start of the recruitment process is now a legitimate expectation.

Companies must acknowledge this trend and view the clear communication of salary as an essential practice to attract the most qualified talents. By establishing salary transparency, employers also showcase their commitment to pay equality, fostering trust with potential candidates.

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