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The cost of digitalization and concept stores (Ouch, hitting the wallet!) 🤑 💵

Concept stores, a booming trend 🎢, yes, it's a fact!

For those new to Retail, concept stores are shops that stand out with their unique and original offerings. They feature a curated selection of products (often from varied ranges - Clothing, perfume, bookshops, etc.) and carefully chosen services in an immersive and innovative environment.

In 2022, there were about 1,000 concept stores in France, up from 500 in 2019. On average, the cost to create a concept store ranges between 1 million € and 10 million €. The cost varies depending on several factors, of course, like the store's size, location 🗼, layout, and the range of products and services offered.

The digitalization of sales outlets is also a significant strategic focus for retailers. It improves customer experience, boosts efficiency, and distinguishes from competitors. Digital technologies can be used at various points in sales outlets, including:

Checkout 🎰

Display 👀

Inventory management


The cost of digitalizing sales outlets also varies due to several factors but on average, it ranges between 8,000 and 100,000 €. This includes equipment, software costs, maintenance, etc.

As you might gather, digitalization and concept stores are two major retail trends. Retailers looking to expand must adapt to these new realities, and the piggy bank might feel the pinch. Recommendations For retailers aiming to dive into digitalization or create a concept store, here are some recommendations:

Conduct market research (Not everyone can be a 'concept'...)

Set a budget (Of course, but don't skimp...)

Consult experts (Yes, it's crucial ;-) )

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