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The trends that will shake up 🌀(well, let's not exaggerate...) Retail in 2024

The retail trends of 2024 promise to be as fascinating as the time I tried to follow a cooking recipe on TikTok. It was a disaster, but well, that's beside the point. Decoding.

  1. Second-Hand in strength!!!: Ah, the French and their love for online shopping, even for second-hand items! Imagine: one in two has found second-hand treasures on the internet this year. It's crazy! Leboncoin and Vinted have become e-commerce stars, right behind the giant Amazon. Even big brands like Leroy Merlin and ZARA are diving into the fray, with their own second-hand lines. It's time to find vintage gems, as the second-hand market, valued at 7 billion euros, is booming. Who would have thought that online bargain hunting would become so trendy?

  2. The (re-)boom of online commerce 💢: If you thought ordering socks at 3 a.m. was a passing trend, think again. By 2024, more than 20% of retail sales will be online. Comfortably sitting in your pajamas looking for the next promo, that's the future!

  3. The Golden Age of Social Commerce: Buying by scanning an Instagram post? Piece of cake! Gone are the fashion shows, now it's all happening in our newsfeeds. You can no longer simply like a photo without risking accidentally buying the shoes worn by the influencer. This trend is favored (largely) by the popularity of social media and by the fact that consumers are increasingly looking for social interactions during their purchases.

  4. Mobile Commerce: Apparently, nothing new under the gravel but, seriously: who needs a computer when you have a smartphone?! Ah, maybe for those endless Zoom meetings... but for shopping, your mobile is king. Therefore, retailers must adapt to this trend by offering shopping experiences optimized for mobile devices.

  5. Personalization Taken to the Extreme: Gone are the days when everyone wore the same perfume. Thanks to data, retail will know what you want even before you do. Creepy, right? Retailers must therefore use data and technology to better understand their customers' needs and offer them personalized deals. Big data, or not big data, that is not the question anymore…

  6. The Obsession with Customer Experience: If you thought the barista drawing a heart in your coffee was adorable, wait to see what 2024 has in store. VIP shopping every day? Yes, please! The ultra-competition should give retailers wings (not Icarus's, eh…) by improving the quality of services and spaces in-store.

  7. Evolving Preferences: With a growing eco-consciousness, expect to see stores offering "Ready-to-Recycle." It's trendy, it's eco-friendly, it's... different. Well, in reality, we are increasingly concerned about the environment and sustainability, hence, in search of more engaging shopping experiences. Retailers must therefore adapt to these trends by offering more sustainable products and services, and creating more immersive shopping experiences. There's still a lot of work to do!

  8. The Rise of Experiential Commerce: Shopping will no longer be just a buying act, but an adventure. Imagine a store where each aisle is a scene from a movie. Want popcorn with your new outfit? Here are some unique and unforgettable experiences to come.

  9. Data, Data, Always Data: Remember that time you mentioned aloud wanting a new pair of shoes and your phone displayed an ad for sneakers? That was just the beginning. Well, at the same time, it's a bit redundant with point 4 of this article…

  10. Artificial Intelligence, the New BFF of Retail: AI will be there to advise you, guide you, and probably also to laugh at your lousy jokes. Let's just hope it doesn't mock our fashion choices. AI has the potential to revolutionize commerce, so stay tuned!

  11. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality: Imagine virtually trying on a glitter dress while sitting in pajamas on your couch. Thanks to AR! And why not visit an entirely virtual store in VR? Thus, you could literally get lost in the aisles without leaving your home.

  12. The Internet of Things (IoT): Your fridge might soon suggest a recipe and add the missing ingredients to your shopping cart. Let's just hope it doesn't criticize your eating habits!

  13. Blockchain: "Where did this apple go before ending up in my bag?" With blockchain, follow its journey from the tree to your plate. And rest assured, your data will be as well protected as a pirate's treasure!

  14. 3D Printing: Need a new pair of shoes for tonight? Print them! And if you break a part of your blender while making a smoothie, why not print it too? The future of shopping could well be like having a big factory at home.

To conclude, in 2024, your shopping experience could be a mix of "Minority Report" and a romantic comedy where you fall in love with your virtual shopping assistant. As long as it's not a toaster. Happy futuristic shopping to all! #retail #trends2024 #retailtrends #trends Sebastien Genty David Morel

Author: Sébastien Genty

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