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Skills assessment

Duration :

Approximately 20 hours

Prerequisites :


For whom :

Any person considering defining a professional or training project.

Given at the end of the training :

Training Certificate

Net price - Individual / Inter-company :

1800 €

The premises chosen by Humanissue Consulting are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

The locations are determined by the co-contractors. For individuals with disabilities not related to mobility, we recommend the training organization CCI Formation, which collaborates with HandisupAuvergne:

VAT not applicable, Article 293B of the French General Tax Code

Pedagogical Manager :

Chantal GALANT

Chantal GALANT

Pedagogical objectives
  • Evaluate knowledge, skills, and achievements. 
  • Highlight professional competencies and accomplishments.
  • Identify transferable skills, pinpoint potentials. 
  • Initiate a reflection on motivations and priorities.
Program update

15 janvier 2024

Training program

1. Duration of interviews / working sessions

A maximum of 20 hours in total, divided into 10 sessions of 2 hours each. The duration of these sessions will be reviewed and adjusted according to the needs of the participant.

2. Preliminary phase

Initial interview and diagnosis. Verification of the alignment between the request and the purpose of the skills assessment.

3. Investigation phase

a. Various tasks are to be carried out between sessions:

• Behavioral and cognitive tests from several methods:


-Transactional Analysis

-Reasoning mode

-Professional roots

-Typology of initiative mindset

• Self-diagnosis exercises / writing assignments

b. Definition of acquired skills

• Aptitude exercises

• Various retrospective works

• Synthesis and assessment

c. Definition of 2 professional/personal projects

• Definition of actions for business/project access

• Research and professional situational practice

• Drafting action plans for career access

• Definition of objectives relating to action plans

d. Study and reconstruction of CV/cover letter

e. Preparation for interviews based on defined projects/Situational practice

4. Conclusion phase

Finalization of the skills assessment and preparation of a summary document.

5. Documents written for the trainee*

a. Report of each interview

b. Test results and analyses

c. Summary of the skills assessment

*Any document produced during this skills assessment is systematically destroyed at the end of the service.

6. Schedule

The schedule is established based on the availability of the contracting party.

- The schedule is established after each session based on the availability of the beneficiary.

- The duration of the skills assessment is determined in advance with objectives with the beneficiary.

Access time and conditions

Sessions open with a minimum of 4 trainees. A maximum of 3 months delay between the request and the execution of the service, provided the opening conditions are met.

Given to the trainees
  • Interview reports. 
  • Test results. 
  • Skills and career project assessment.
Pedagogical methods
Evaluation methods
  • Follow-up at 6 months through a questionnaire
Contact us

Executive Assistant :

Photo Maëva_edited.png



 Tél.: 07 80 91 12 21

Maëva JAY

  • Interviews conducted in person or remotely (Skype / Whatsapp / Teams)
  • Pedagogical materials / Tests in PDF and digital format
  • Systemic approach
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