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How to speak Luxury

Duration :

3 days

Prerequisites :

English level B2
or TOEIC 605-780.

For whom :

Individuals in commercial preparation in the Luxury environment, or those wishing to work in the Luxury sector, or junior employees in the Luxury industry.

Given at the end of the training :

Training Certificate

Net price - Individual / Inter-company :

1800 €

The premises chosen by Humanissue Consulting are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

The locations are determined by the co-contractors. For individuals with disabilities not related to mobility, we recommend the training organization CCI Formation, which collaborates with HandisupAuvergne:

VAT not applicable, Article 293B of the French General Tax Code

Pedagogical Manager :

Sébastien GENTY

Sébastien GENTY

Pedagogical objectives
  • Know how to identify codes and customs in the Luxury environment.
  • Know how to enhance the customer experience through carefully chosen vocabulary. 
  • Know how to master more than 50 new descriptive adjectives in English.
Program update

15 janvier 2024

Training program
  • Interculturality of Luxury 
  • History and Environment of Luxury 
  • Expected services according to domains 
  • Expected expertise 
  • Developing expertise and knowledge 
  • Merchandising techniques in Luxury 
  • Concept stores 
  • Developing vocabulary according to brand culture 
  • Mastering reception vocabulary 
  • Mastering professional vocabulary 
  • Mastering transaction vocabulary 
  • Negotiating in English 
  • Codes and customs according to culture 
  • Adapting posture and non-verbal communication
Access time and conditions

Sessions open with a minimum of 4 trainees. A maximum of 3 months delay between the request and the execution of the service, provided the opening conditions are met.

Given to the trainees
  • Welcome booklet.
  • Internal regulations.
  • Practical sheets.
  • Course materials.
  • LMS platform link.
Pedagogical methods
Evaluation methods
  • End of seminar: Multiple-Choice Quiz (QCM) on the terms studied. 
  • Online Multiple-Choice Quiz (QCM) after 1 month. 
  • Phone interviews after 2 months.
Contact us

Executive Assistant :

Photo Maëva_edited.png



 Tél.: 07 80 91 12 21

Maëva JAY

  • Video equipment (projection and video recording). 
  • Whiteboard. Blank sheets. 
  • Post-it notes. 
  • Role-playing games. 
  • Written and online exercises (multiple-choice questions, quizzes). 
  • Systemic approach. 
  • Real-life scenarios (oral).
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