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Awareness and implementation of GDPR

Duration :

1 day

Prerequisites :


For whom :


Given at the end of the training :

Attestation de formation

Net price - Individual / Inter-company :

1450 €

The premises chosen by Humanissue Consulting are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

The locations are determined by the co-contractors. For individuals with disabilities not related to mobility, we recommend the training organization CCI Formation, which collaborates with HandisupAuvergne:

VAT not applicable, Article 293B of the French General Tax Code

Pedagogical Manager :

Stéphane FELUT

Stéphane FELUT

Pedagogical objectives

• Understanding and comprehending the challenges of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

• Assessing the risks associated with non-compliance with GDPR.

•Knowing what constitutes personal data.

• Knowing how to establish the register of processing activities.

• Familiarity with best practices for securing sensitive data.

Program update

15 janvier 2024

Training program
  • History of the Data Protection Act leading to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Concepts of data protection. Definitions (personal data, processing of personal data, purpose, sensitive data, data controller, recipient, authorized third party, data processor).
  • The major principles to be respected. Principle of lawfulness, principle of specified and legitimate purpose, principle of relevance and data minimization, principle of transparency and respect for the rights of individuals, principle of limited retention period, principle of confidentiality and security. Ensuring data security. Ensuring data confidentiality.
  • Initial steps for compliance. Sorting data, creating a data map. Identifying processing activities, establishing the register. Demonstrating transparency. Organizing and facilitating individuals' exercise of their rights. Securing data, best practices.
Access time and conditions

Sessions open with a minimum of 4 trainees. A maximum of 3 months delay between the request and the execution of the service, provided the opening conditions are met.

Given to the trainees
  • Digital Course Materials
Pedagogical methods
Evaluation methods

End of seminar: Multiple-choice questionnaire (QCM) on the tools practiced.

Follow-up telephone interview one month later for feedback.

Contact us
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 Tél.: 07 80 91 12 21

Sébastien GENTY

  • Training room equipped with computers, a projector, and a whiteboard.
  • Presentation combining theoretical content, demonstrations, and explanations.
  • Practical application of the theory with numerous exercises.
  • Fun and interactive engagement with participants (using Beekast software).
  • Systemic approach.
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